There's a never-before-seen video of 9/11 attack that's just appeared online

There's a never-before-seen video of 9/11 attack that's just appeared online
9/11: 20 years of collective trauma, struggle and resilience

The horrific events of September 11, 2001, in New York City occurred over two decades ago, and yet a new never-before-seen video reminds us that there is still so much footage from that day we have yet to see.

New York City will never forget the terrorist attack by terrorist group al-Qaeda that resulted in the death of thousands after hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center.

Since then, plenty of 9/11 videos, voicemails, and images have been shared online and in memorials honoring the lives that were lost. Many of these have become popular images associated with the event and are regularly referenced in culture.

Which is why the newly posted video depicting the moment a second plane hits the Twin Towers is all the more shocking.

Warning: the below video is graphic.

9-11 Kevin's

The nearly nine-minute video uploaded by YouTube user Kevin Westley was shared on the platform on February 24 and already has 18,840 views.

The clip provides a never-before-seen angle of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center as onlookers watch in horror.

"Did you see that?" said one person while another exclaimed, "He did it on purpose!"

As a result of the video going viral, many people have questioned where this video was along; leading people to theorize that there's probably loads of footage people are too scared or traumatized to revisit by sharing it online.

"It’s so bizarre to see a new angle of something traumatic and disastrous that you’ve seen so many times before so many years later," wrote one person on Reddit.

"I wonder what happened to the other footage? There were other people recording. Then again, how can you expect the government to know of all existing footage? It's up to the person who filmed it to come out and talk about it," said another user.

One comment read, "I just got chills all over my body. The screaming of an entire nation of people, an entire world, realizing that this was no accident and what that meant. That will always always get to me. Bone chilling."

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