The new street named after Brexit is literally a road to nowhere

The new street named after Brexit is literally a road to nowhere
Picture: Google Street View/screengrab

France is embroiled in a battle of wills between far right candidate Marine Le Pen, of Front National, and conservative candidate Francis Fillon ahead of its presidential election next year.

The far-right mayor of Beaucaire, in the Gard department near Nimes, decided to make his opinion on Britain’s decision to leave the EU very clear.

Julien Sanchez wanted to "pay homage to the choice of the sovereign British people" by naming a street after the referendum result.

Beaucaire Council approved the name with 29 votes in favour, and nine against. Sanchez tweeted his victory:

Located in an industrial estate, this is Rue du Brexit, or ‘Brexit Street':

Picture: Google Street View/screengrab

According to France 24, the street, which was previously unnamed, “lies near rue Robert Schuman and avenue Jean Monnet".

Sanchez told France Bleu:

We have already received lots of messages of thanks and congratulations from British people... British MPs are starting to talk about it.

I think that the people of Beaucaire are very happy that Europeans have reclaimed their sovereignty, and perhaps they will want to reclaim their own as well.

Except the road doesn’t actually go anywhere.

Face. Palm.

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