Diners are using wild methods to eat at this NYC hotspot

Diners are using wild methods to eat at this NYC hotspot
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New York restaurant Roscioli, famed for bringing Rome to Soho, has got desperate diners going above and beyond to try and secure a reservation.

The Italian restaurant boasts 200 years of history with visitors across the world. It all started in 1974 with Antico Forno Roscioli based in one of the oldest bakeries in Rome.

Twenty years later, the Salumeria Roscioli deli opened which is known worldwide "for the famous carbonara, nearly 300 artisan cheeses, 150 cured meats and over 3,000 wine labels in the cellar."

Last summer, Roscioli headed overseas with their first international venture in the heart of Soho, NYC.

"Finding connection can be a challenge in a big city – but nothing really seems to bring people together like a good bottle of wine or a great meal in a place that encourages you to let loose and be taken care of. When the Niche Niche & Rimessa Roscioli team met, it was clear they shared that in common," they explained.

The restaurant became an instant hit among locals and tourists, so much so, that they're turning to extraordinary lengths to try and grab a bite.

Even Bright Lights Big City author Jay McInerney, who recently underwent brain surgery two weeks before, almost ignored his CAT scan results to commit to his reservation.

"I mean, come on, reservation at Roscioli," he told Page Six.

"Nightly we have celebs walk in just to get an a la carte reservation," a spokesperson told The NY Post. "We have had Academy Award Winners and current nominees, Sports stars, high-ranking political figures, late-night TV hosts and TV stars."

People are paying hundreds on the reservation-swapping platform Appointment Trader after failing to secure a spot on Resy.

Matt Rubin knows this too well after paying $250, which turned out to be a scam.

"They weren’t playing ball," he told the publication. "Then we pulled the begging card – ‘It’s my birthday;’ ‘We went to the one in Rome;’ ‘I came to the opening party.'"

Luckily, they managed to find him a table – four and a half hours later.

Diners have reportedly even tried to buy their way in by offering with one offering a "token of gratitude" of $100.

More emails sent to the restaurant and shared with The Post detailed sob stories of losing jobs, birthdays and saving up for months to visit.

The restaurant currently offers a $130 tasting menu complete with four wine pairings. Inevitably, reservations are gold dust to get with the whole of March already fully booked.

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