New Zealand is keeping its old flag - but things could have been so much better

And the results are in: after having opened up the opportunity to design New Zealand's flag to the population, here is what they chose:

Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images


That's because, after more than 10,000 submissions, and £12 million spent on a referendum, 56.6 per cent voted to keep the old flag.

The other option was the Silver Fern flag, which had been designed as an alternative to the current flag depicting the Union Jack and New Zealand's colonial ties with Britain.

Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

That's a very expensive 'no thank you, we'll keep it the same.'

And things could have been SO MUCH BETTER

These are some of the flags the Kiwis missed out on, courtesy of the flag website:

Four Seasons One Nation

Liam Gerrard from Auckland:

"I have used both traditional and new colours, plus the silver fern and the southern cross. The theme relates to our wild and different weather and natural beauty."

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