A video of British people reacting to the cost of US healthcare is doing the rounds, with even Americans as high profile as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sharing it on Twitter.

The video, published by website Joe, shows a few Brits at Spitalfields market guessing the cost of various treatments and then being horrified at the real answer.

With worries that the NHS will be sold off or otherwise compromised by a trade deal with Trump, the video might convince a few British people not to take healthcare for granted.

Most of the interviewees were horrified and surprised by the fact that an ambulance ride in the US costs as much as $2500.

When asked about the price of inhalers, one woman was shocked to learn that just one could cost as much as $250-$350 in the US.​

"So if you're poor, you're dead," she said , highlighting a very real issue with American healthcare.

But that wasn't the worst of it–the interviewer told the interviewees that giving birth could cost up to $30,000, with the price of holding your own baby sitting around $40.

"The NHS is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Literally, literally, people are so dumb for taking advantage of it and I don't want it to change," said one woman.

The video has been shared globally, opening ​many people's eyes to the potential issues with what the Labour party warns as the potential privatisation of the NHS post-Brexit.

The Conservative party has frequently denied that the NHS is "on the table" in talks with the US, but documents revealed by Jeremy Corbyn during the election campaign hint that the US might be able to influence drug prices.

"To our friends in the UK: please cherish, protect, & continue investing in your healthcare system!" said AOC on Twitter.

H/T: Joe

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