The leader of Ukip might have just given the worst interview of the general election

The leader of Ukip might have just given the worst interview of the general election

This general election has already seen a lot chaotic and potentially damaging interviews, so we could only have predicted that Ukip would give us the worst of the lot.

On Monday morning, the interim leader of Nigel Farage's former party, Pat Mountain spoke to Sky's Adam Boulton ahead of their manifesto launch.

What followed might well be one of the most excruciating and awkward political interviews that has ever been broadcast on British television.

Mountain, who will only be the leader of the party until 31 January, appeared to know very little about Ukip's goals in this election other than they aren't standing against any "true Brexiteers" in the 44 seats they have selected.

This curious fact was immediately pulled up by Boulton who asked Mountain to name a few which she couldn't, neither could she name any of Ukip's key targets.

Boulton then questioned what Ukip meant by 'true Brexiteers' and soon discovered that they are planning to run against Brexit Party candidates, which seems a little odd so he asked her to name the difference between the two parties.

She said:

If we look at the Brexit Party, I don't know if it's going to be there forever. Ukip has been here forever and we are staying.

After Brexit, what do they [the Brexit Party] actually stand for?

Sensing that her argument didn't make a whole lot of sense, Mountain presented a copy of the Ukip manifesto, which she couldn't actually reveal the contents of because it's not being launched until Friday.

She did read out one policy, which was on immigration. The policy is:

Asylum will not be granted to migrants entering the UK illegally from a safe country such as France, Belgium or Ireland.

Boulton then pointed out that the Ukip policy is literally the current policy that the Tory government has in place.

Boulton then questioned wether Ukip was a racist party to which Mountain categorically denied. He then asked her how many of the party's 44 candidates are black.

She didn't know the answer to that question but did declare that they had one 'Indian' candidate.

Boulton then asked about Ukip's association with the former leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, who had served as an advisor to the party's former leader Gerard Batten.

Mountain said:

There are some people in the party who are sympathetic to the predicament that Tommy Robinson finds himself in. 

Because of his association with other racist parties...racist parties, our constitution says that he cannot be permitted to join us. 

Mountain did add that Robinson ran against Ukip in the European elections and has since lent his support to Boris Johnson.

She then concluded that Johnson's deal would not deliver a clean break from the EU and that it 'wasn't Brexit at all.'

Well, we're pretty sure that Mountain won't be appearing on any other broadcasters any time soon.

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