Nicki Minaj's new video is getting attention for all the wrong reasons

If you thought the music video for "Anaconda" was shocking, wait until you catch a glimpse of Nicki Minaj's latest YouTube upload. The US rapper has come under fire after transforming herself into a dictator in the lyric video for her new single "Only".

Minaj is shown leading a powerful army in the black and white clip, where the only colour comes from a arm band. Viewers began pointing out similarities with Nazi imagery within moments of the video being uploaded to YouTube.

Some argued that Minaj's position as the dictator went so far as to glorify Nazism while others point out that rapper Drake, who features on the track, is Jewish. Minaj and the video's director Jeff Osbourne also present buildings draped in swastika-style "YM" banners, gasmasks and exploding bombs.

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