Three years before the EU referendum, one politician foresaw what was coming.

A video showing Nicola Sturgeon predicting Brexit in a 2013 debate on Scottish independence has resurfaced on Twitter.

The clip reveals now First Minister Sturgeon told Alistair Carmichael, the secretary of state for Scotland in the coalition government, that Brexit would risk isolating Scotland.

In a live debate about the country’s future on STV’s Scotland Tonight then SNP deputy leader Sturgeon said: "The risk to Scotland's European membership is not independence, it's the in-out European referendum that the government of which you're a part is proposing."

Liberal Democrat MP Carmichael dismissed this, replying: “Here we go, yet another piece of negative scaremongering from Nicola Sturgeon.”

Sturgeon added that, days before, Carmichael said he could not guarantee Scotland would stay in the EU.

After appealing to the moderator for assistance, the Scottish Secretary said: "Now what we've got in the United Kingdom is three party leaders, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and David Cameron, all who say that they support the continued membership of the European Union.

"The only guaranteed way of leaving the European Union is to leave the United Kingdom."

In response, Sturgeon said: "Alistair, you went on television on Sunday and in direct response to a question, you said you couldn't guarantee Scotland's continued membership of the European Union if we stayed as part of the UK because there's going to be an in-out referendum.

"We could find ourselves in the position where the UK as a whole votes to come out and we (Scotland) vote to stay in but we get taken out against our will. You can't possibly defend that."

The video ends with Carmichael sarcastically telling Sturgeon: “Everybody is wrong on European Union membership apart from you.”

Marcus Carslaw posted the prescient clip on Twitter to remind people of Sturgeon’s prediction.

One user gave the First Minister of Scotland a new nickname after French astrologer Nostradamus, who published a book of prophecies.

A member of the band Franz Ferdinand similarly admired Sturgeon’s prediction.

And others also responded to the resurfaced video on social media.

The EU referendum eventually took place in June 2016, with a majority in Scotland voting to Remain but Leave winning overall.

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