Brexit: Nigel Farage claims this 'the worst deal in history' - the internet has other ideas

Brexit: Nigel Farage claims this 'the worst deal in history' - the internet has other ideas

After what seems like an eternity of negotiations and a persistent feeling of dread, Theresa May finally appears to be nearing a deal on Brexit.

The prime minister is set to hold intense one-on-one talks with her most prominent members of the cabinet in the hope of gaining full support for her draft.

It is believed that within the PM's draft agreements have been made on the Northern Ireland 'backstop' which would avoid a 'hard border' with the Republic, a commitment to citizens' rights, a 21-month transition period after Brexit and a reported £39-billion 'divorce bill.'

As you can probably guess, not everyone is happy, after all this is Brexit that we are talking about. When was the last time anyone was happy about this whole debacle?

The likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson have already voiced their disapproval but perhaps the best line has come from the granddaddy of Brexit; Mr Nigel Farage.

Shortly after May announcement of a Brexit deal being drafted, Farage tweeted his discontent, hailing it as 'the worst deal in history'.

Nige isn't exactly a stranger to hyperbole and people started to wonder if this is 'the worst deal in history'?

The resounding answer seemed to be 'no' and the Internet was more than happy to let him know about some alternative deals he should consider.

It's fair to say that some of these are pretty bad and also a hilarious way of trolling Farage.

There were plenty of football transfers in there too.

There were a few other sporting deals in there too, if football isn't your thing.

Then there was this zinger.

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