Nigel Farage roasted after saying that he would tell 'the North' how Labour had betrayed them

Nigel Farage has attempted to persuade people in the north of England that the Labour Party is no longer in touch with their needs and it hasn't gone too well for him.

In a tweet the Brexit Party leader posted on Wednesday evening, Farage said that at 7:30 pm he 'would set out how Labour have betrayed the North'

Farage almost immediately faced a downpour of mockery, with people less than enthused about what he was about to reveal to the public.

Farage's big reveal turned out to be nothing more than a Brexit Party rally, where he didn't lay out too many facts and just seemed to be naming places in both London and Yorkshire, which is good for his geography knowledge but not exactly insightful on politics.

Viewers would have had to wait more than 40 minutes before he dropped his truths about Labour, meaning that he didn't even stick to his original plan of revealing all at 7:30pm.

The Brexit Party also put together a little promotional video from his speech, which was nice...

This two tweets arguably received a worse reaction than the previous one.

If Nigel wasn't already having a bad enough day, he was caught on Thursday morning illegally parked on double yellow lines in London, although it looks like he and his cohorts got away before the parking steward caught up with him.

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