Nigel Farage trolled by refugee who sent Cameo video request

Nigel Farage trolled by refugee who sent Cameo video request

Nigel Farage has been trolled by a refugee during a request for a video message.

In a viral Twitter post, Hassan Akkad shows his denied request from the former leader of the Brexit Party as he has just joined Cameo.

Hassan Akkad is a refugee who arrived in 2015 to escape the ongoing war in his homeland Syria. Now, he works as a cleaner in an NHS hospital and has produced a documentary of his own crossing to safety.

The video is intended to be for Akkad’s friend Mohammad, who according to the message was granted asylum in the UK after a dangerous boat crossing. He also asks for him to wish him peace and prosperity.

Farage’s decline goes along with the callous “I’m not for boat crossing.”

His request includes a reference to his trip to look into if luxury hotels were housing refugees and asylum seekers in Kent. He also said his friend believed Farage to be “good looking”

The Home Office said to theBromsgrove Advertiser regarding a video of Farage’s detective work, saying “We have a statutory duty to accommodate people who are seeking asylum in the UK who would other be destitute”

Successful bookers of Farage’s cinematography include Carole Cadwalladr, who got him to wish her well yesterday, a move that divided the internet. Some felt it was funding the far right and not a funny move.

Farage has been an instrumental figure in whipping up hate for refugees in the UK and played a significant part in Britain voting to leave the European Union.

Cameo is the video request site with all your favourite celebrities. Talents to choose from include stars of the Real Housewives franchise Bethenny Frankel, legendary disco diva Chaka Khan and Didi Conn, best known for playing Frenchie in the movie musical Grease.

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