People are loving this woman's powerful eye rolling at Nigel Farage from a Brexit debate

It was an eye roll fit to give Angela Merkel a run for her money.

Whenever Nigel Farage speaks there comes an uncontrollable sense of annoyance, and this woman has distilled that reaction into a flawless eye roll.

During Channel 4's big Brexit TV debate show, 'Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks', former Ukip leader Nigel Farage was presented with a poll saying that people thought he would be worse at negotiating a Brexit deal over Theresa May.

Farage, fuelled by his baffling false sense of ego, argued that Theresa May was delivering 'a Remainer's Brexit', which as you might expect, prompted the most powerful eye roll possibly ever captured on TV.

Suffice it to say, the short clip went viral and people absolutely love the woman who so perfectly captured the mood of many remain supporters.

After the clip gained some popularity, the woman behind the eye roll revealed her true identity.

We eagerly await the feature-length film and wonder who will be tragically miscast to play the eye.

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