Nigel Farage has criticised a “woke” secondary school in East Sussex for ‘banning’ Sir Winston Churchill – despite them only removing the wartime politician as a house name.

Commenting on Twitter, the former Ukip leader wrote that Seaford Head School “banned” Churchill because “he ‘promoted racism and inequality’”.

“Apparently he also ‘unfairly imprisoned and tortured many’.

“This re-writing of history in our education system is very dangerous,” the tweet reads.

In an accompanying video, Farage went further, accusing schools and universities of promoting “a hard-left Marxist agenda” and claiming there is a “cancer” in the UK’s educational establishment.

He said: “It’s all dressed up in terms of racial equality. It’s all dressed up to be being nice and tolerant about the world.

“In fact, behind it, is a very deep intolerance. A loathing and a hatred of anybody with a different point of view to you.

“The liberals now, are in fact the most illiberal people that have probably ever lived.”

However, instead of ‘banning’ the political figure – as claimed by Farage - the school had only confirmed that it would be introducing new house names. Farage’s post seems to infer that Churchill won’t be taught in the school, which is not the case.

The letter from the student body and leadership team also explained that they no longer thought author JK Rowling was a “suitable representative” for one of the houses, because of her “recent words about the trans community”.

It reads: “Intolerance and discrimination are treated very seriously by our school and we do not want to promote anyone or anything that encourages such prejudice.

“For these reasons, the student body and leadership team have decided to change the names of the houses, so that the house system reflects the local community, and so that each house can create a new collective identity based on shared values.

“To instil more positive values, and to bring the community together, the house names will be changed to local landmarks.”

People soon responded to the Twitter video criticising Farage’s stance, with some arguing that the Brexiteer was ‘rewriting history’ himself following the referendum in 2016:

Meanwhile others said that pointing out Churchill’s controversies and “scathing failures” is in fact “correcting” history:

In a statement, a spokesperson for Seaford Head School told The Argus: “The student council plays a significant role in the school and its house system.”

“The student leadership group decided to consult on the names of the four houses with a view to reintroducing house names that are rooted in the local community.

“This exercise involves all of the student body,” they said.

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