Nigel Farage criticised after speculating if the government should buy breathing ventilators from China

Samuel Corum/Getty Images/JAMES TYE/AFP/Twitter

Nigel Farage, who in the past has called the World Health Organisation 'bullies', like most people, is now really worried about the outbreak of Covid-19.

However, even in the midst of a pandemic, the leader of the Brexit Part still finds time to speculate on the benefits of anything foreign possibly helping the people of the UK.

After learning that the UK is considering bringing in breathing ventilators from China to help patients with coronavirus, Farage couldn't help but did wonder if that was a good idea, as, after all the virus did start in China.

It's pretty amazing that even during a pandemic, when thousands of people's lives are at risk, someone like Farage can still resort to xenophobia and scaremongering.

Needless to say, Farage's tweet, which he shared on Monday afternoon, has attracted a barrage of angry replies, demanding that the Brexiteer perhaps cool it with this type of rhetoric, after all he probably posted this tweet from a phone made in China.

At the time of writing the UK has confirmed more than 22,000 cases of coronavirus across the country which have resulted 1,408 deaths.

The virus first broke out in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and has infected more than 700,000 people worldwide.

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