Nigel Farage called out for cowardice by elderly man during visit to Wales

An elderly man in Wales has called out Nigel Farage in the street for lacking courage.

The Ebbw Vale man is seen approaching the leader of the Brexit party, in a clip that has gone viral, before saying:

You’ve never won a British seat, there’s no likelihood of you winning a British seat and you’ve now proved beyond doubt that you haven’t got the courage to stand. Every other leader of every other party in this country is standing so how can you justify it?

Farage proceeds to question whether Jeremy Corbyn will do much for his constituency before laughing at his own “joke”. The Welshman remains unimpressed:

“You can laugh as much as you like. You haven’t got the courage to stand as the leader of your own party.”

People were understandably delighted by this.

Some didn't even need words to express their approval.

Others worked out why Farage might not have been keen to run.

There was an attempt at an internal monologue for the Brexit Party leader.

And then there was a reminder of previous Farage indignities.

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