Nigel Farage hates the EU but he's going to keep taking its wages

Friday 16 September 2016 15:00
Mulling the hat trick? Nigel Farage has returned twice after resigning as Ukip leader(Getty)

Nigel Farage has confirmed that he will continue to represent Ukip in Europe despite formally standing down as the party's leader.

The Eurosceptic politician spoke at the first day of Ukip's conference in Bournemouth on Friday shortly before Diane James was announced as his successor.

Things move on in life, I’ve been doing this for over two decades, I’ve done my bit, I’ve pushed the party on, we won [the] referendum, it’s time for somebody else to take up the reins. So look, I’m stepping back from the frontlines, I’m not retiring, I’m not going away, I will support whoever the next leader is but I will also, for the first time in years, have a bit of a life as well.

The decision means that Farage will continue to take the €100,000 (£85,000) salary paid by the taxpayer, despite having one of the worst attendance records of any MEP.

Yet another victory for the man on the street.