Nigel Farage was duped into saying another pro-IRA slogan as part of a birthday message

Nigel Farage was duped into saying another pro-IRA slogan as part of a birthday message

Nigel Farage has again been tricked into repeating another pro-IRA slogan in a birthday video that the Brexiteer was paid to say on Cameo.

In the new video, which has emerged in the aftermath (although it’s not obvious when it was filmed) of a clip the former UKIP leader saying “up the RA,” Farage wishes a man named “Gerard” a happy belated 71st birthday and retirement.

He goes on to say: “They’re looking forward to seeing you, and some of the old team, back at tiochfaidh ár lás in Brighton, I’ve had the full story, you were the team leader there for many years. And they hope you’re having a happy retirement, as do I Gerard, enjoy.”

While Farage appears to have thought that “tiochfaidh ár lás” was a venue or establishment in Brighton, it actually translates from Irish to English as “our day will come.” The phrase is often used by Irish Republicans who aspire to have a united Ireland once again.

It was coined in the 1970s during The Troubles and is most commonly associated with the IRA and their defenders as well as political figures like Gerry Adams and Bobby Sands.

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The Twitter account which shared the video has claimed that the message was intended for Gerry Adams, who recently celebrated his 73rd birthday.

Farage charges £73 (€87) per video on Cameo but has been pranked into saying several things that he probably wouldn’t have said if he’d done his research.

Indeed in the wake of the first IRA video, the GB News host told the Daily Mail: “If I saw ‘up the RA’ I would have looked at that as something very innocent, and wouldn’t have even known there was an implication to it.

”A lot of messages that I get are friends sending each other messages with their own little jokes or their own little words which I have to judge — and of course I reject some if they are crude or offensive.”

This also come just a few days after he was scolded by Claire Byrne on Irish television on Monday over the clip and his lack of knowledge on Irish history. Byrne told Farage: “’Up the RA’, Nigel? I mean I know you said sorry, I know that you get 87 quid, that’s entirely within your rights to do that.

“But come on! Don’t try to lecture the Irish people about the culture and history and precarious nature of peace on this island. You haven’t got a clue.”

Indy100 has contacted Farage for comment.

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