Man who allegedly ‘milkshaked’ Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage charged with assault

Man who allegedly ‘milkshaked’ Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage charged with assault

A man has been charged with assault for throwing a milkshake at Nigel Farage.

Northumbria Police announced this morning that a 32-year-old man has been charged with common assault and criminal damage in relation to the “milkshaking” of the Brexit Party leader.

The criminal damage charge is related to a microphone Farage was wearing at the time.

The incident sparked widespread controversy yesterday with many people debating whether it was okay to throw a milkshake at Farage and if it was okay to laugh at it.

The outrage suggested that politicians being hit by milkshakes is a completely new phenomenon, but it is more of an adaption of the long history of politicians being egged in public.

This is how former Labour leader Ed Miliband reacted when he was egged a few years ago.

While most people seemed to agree that throwing a milkshake at a politician isn't a good thing to do, the debate moved to whether the incident was an 'affront to democracy' as the Daily Express claimed yesterday.

A number of commentators have argued that some minority groups and female MPs have to put up with much worse treatment than Farage’s milkshaking.

In relation to Akiwowo's tweet, West Midlands Police announced they were launching an investigation into UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin earlier this month after he repeatedly made comments about raping Labour MP Jess Phillips.

But other people came out against the incident by saying it was unacceptable to throw a milkshake at any politician, regardless of their views.

That included people who support Brexit…

And Remainers...

Brendan Cox, the widow of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, also stepped in to criticise people who were trying to turn the incident into a left-wing v right-wing debate.

Even if you think it’s funny, we should be able to agree that it wouldn’t be good if politicians (or any people) were having milkshakes thrown at them all the time.

It can also be true that Farage being hit by a milkshake is both not a big deal and something that shouldn't be encouraged.

Hopefully, this whole thing will calm down soon and we can talk about something else.

Or maybe not…

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