Nigel Farage has released a New Year’s video that has been predictably mocked by Twitter users.

The former politician posted a 2022 New Year message onto his YouTube channel addressing the key issues he thinks the country will face this year.

Seated in a yellow chair and dressed in yellow corduroy trousers, a yellow shirt and a green jacket, the former member of the European Parliament complained about how the UK has been decarbonising.

Farage bemoaned: “We haven’t fracked, we haven’t taken a single barrel of gas out of the Bowland reserve in the northwest, which is massive. We’re stopping development in the North Sea.”

The politician’s video has been an unwelcome start to the year for some, and as such, they’ve taken the opportunity to react.

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Financial Times journalist, Jim Pickard, tweeted a Cluedo-inspired joke writing: “Colonel Mustard, in the travel tavern, with the lead piping?”

Another wrote: “Um, apart from the fact that Nigel Farage has managed to match the colours of his shirt, chair and teeth...

“Why is his pointing at his penis?”

Others also pointed out the colour scheme, as someone wrote: “Lol. Three shades of beige before the message even starts. In what looks like a visiting room in an old folks’ home.”

Journalist and broadcaster, Matt Chorley, evoked memories of the glory days of Big Brother, as he joked: “‘Nigel is in the diary room’.”

Someone else asked: “Is he about to get up and dance to Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice?”

It would seem he’s not been missed since his latest retirement from party politics last year.

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