This video of Nigel Farage standing in a tree is almost too surreal to comprehend

Since leaving the world of politics (yes, again), Nigel Farage has had to find new and inventive ways to make a living.

One such income stream has seen him sign up Cameo, a video-sharing site that allows people to pay for a video from a ‘celebrity’ with the wording of their choosing.

Relatively new to the books, the former UKIP and Brexit Party leader is keeping himself busy by drumming up business for this new endeavour through a series of extremely bizarre videos which he posts on Twitter.

In the latest video peddling his wares, Farage can be seen stood inside a tree as the camera pans around to him. He begins the video, saying: “Surprise someone with a Cameo message from me, Nigel Farage”.

In his business pitch, Farage says a video from him would be perfect for Brexiteers. But, clearly trying to diversify his Cameo clientele, he says he could also deliver a message for “a Meghan-Markle supporting, woke, warrior Remoaner.” He adds: “Well, I could really surprise them with a message couldn’t I?”

The video’s strong Alan Partridge vibes did not go unnoticed as people quickly and mercilessly mocked the clip. One clever Twitter user even composed a song about it.

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With a previous self-promo video recorded outside an old phone box, it’s actually worrying to think where his boundless creativity will take him next.

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