Nigel Farage went into far too much detail about the lack of clothing he wears to bed

Louis Dor
Wednesday 31 August 2016 16:40
Picture: Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Earlier this week a leading nutritionist in the US claimed that sleeping naked is the best way to sleep.

Being cool helps achieve deeper, uninterrupted sleep, and for men it was shown to help protect sperm count.

So naturally, James Max, while interviewing former Ukip leader Nigel Farage on talkRADIO, decided to ask Nigel how he sleeps.

Because everyone needed that image.

Anyway, if you're wondering how Nigel replied...

Just a t-shirt. Just a t-shirt, nothing else.

Really. Is that weird or unusual? Do I need to go see somebody? Do I have a problem?

No, just a t-shirt, although last week, I must confess, some of the evenings were so hot that - pretty much nothing at all.

James Max spoke for everyone when he replied:

Good Lord.

Nigel added:

It's quite a vision isn't it?

Yes Nigel, yes it is.

It's already making an impression on Twitter:

Listen to the full clip, below:

Because, Dear Reader, you clearly need a more explicit projection of what Nigel may look like dozing in bed, we've taken the liberty of running a simulation:

Picture: Getty Images/iStock, edited by indy100

You're all so very, very welcome.

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