People love this bizarre clip of Nigella Lawson reporting on Princess Diana’s death 23 years ago

Nigella Lawson – the nation’s sweetheart – wasn’t always a beloved TV chef, known for her pronunciation of the word microwave and the way she buttered toast.

A recently resurfaced clip of young Nigella shows her doing a news report on the death of Princess Diana, discussing why the death of Princess Diana meant so much to people around the world.

As Diana passed away in 1997, it’s likely that the report was filmed around the same time – this would have been one year before the release of Lawson’s best selling cookbook, How to Eat, when Lawson was likely still working as a freelance journalist.

In the clip posted on Twitter, Lawson is delivering a news piece to camera about Diana, discussing why her humanitarian efforts and her charity work had made her such a beloved figure.

In the clip, Lawson explains, ‘Diana showed her wish to work with difficult and controversial causes.’

‘Her insistence on doing what she felt needed to be done, made her seem like a woman in charge of herself. She inspired confidence by demonstrating the dignity of female determination.’

Fans of Nigella thought that the clip just added to her charm.

Lawson is best known now as a food and television personality, but she originally started her career as a reporter and journalist, working as a book critic and reviewer at the Sunday Times before publishing a series of best selling cookbooks that took her career in another direction.

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