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A poster has been doing the rounds lately saying that Friends will return in Fall 2018, sorry to break it to you but that is...Fake News!

It's easy to see how people would fall for the ruse, the poster is very realistic, and lots of our favourite nineties and noughties sitcoms have been having a revival lately.

Unfortunately, the Central Perk gang won't be joining Gilmore Girls,Will & Grace, Arrested Development, Full House to be coming back to our screens.

A post shared by the Facebook page "David Schwimmer aka Ross Geller" seems to be behind the hoax.

The page (which, by the way, isn't the real David Schwimmer), shared the post saying:

It has just been made official!

All 6 cast members have signed on and

we're back for ONE more season!!



The post has now been shared over 360,000 times

A few things seem suspicious...

The page has only existed for four days, with this being the pages first post ever. The second, posted this morning is a meme of Ross saying "We were on a break" with the caption

"When people ask me why it took 13 years to get a Friends Reunion:"

According to Buzzfeed, the page originally had a misspelling of 'Schwimmer' spelling it with only one 'm' and the URL was 'Ross Gheler' (it has now been changed to /GeologyRockxs reflecting the characters love for geology.

Unfortunately, the cast have said time and time again that they won't be doing a reunion.

Recently both Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston have rejected the idea of a reunion.

Jennifer Aniston says a Friends reunion won't happen because of social media

No official comment has come from NBC yet, so for now, we're going to have to just enjoy the re-runs.

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