No, Neo-Nazis aren't supporting Israel's war in Gaza

No, Neo-Nazis aren't supporting Israel's war in Gaza

Well, not anymore, anyway.

A story about a group of German Neo-Nazis launching a website in support of Israel has been widely circulated on social media.

The Ha'aretz piece is about a group calling themselves "national socialists for Israel" who believe it is their "duty, as neo-Nazis, to defend" Israel, "Not just for the German people and the European cultural sphere, but also, especially, for Israel".

Just one problem: the story is from 2008 and we can no longer find evidence of national socialists for Israel online - except for newspaper articles about them from six years ago.

Last month, right-wing protesters were spotted wearing neo-Nazi inspired T-shirts at a demonstration in Tel Aviv.

The shirts say "good night left side", an extreme right-wing slogan which developed as a response to the phrase "good night white pride".

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