No, the Sun did not say sorry for it's '1 in 5 Muslims' story (but the Times did issue a correction)

This was the week the Sun generated an unprecedented number of complaints to the new newspaper watchdog for its reporting on British Muslims who apparently have sympathy for Isis.

The tabloid's front page headline on Monday was 'One in Five Brit Muslims' Sympathy for Jihadis', based on a widely debunked interpretation of a Survation poll.

Survation later distanced itself from the way the poll was reported while it was pointed out that British Muslims were actually 'less sympathetic' to young Muslims who join fighters in Syria compared to non-Muslims polled earlier in the year.

Nevertheless, the Sunstuck by its reporting, and broadsheet the Times, also owned by Rupert Murdoch, reported on the poll's findings the day after, on Tuesday.

While the story was judged to have put the poll in its proper context, the headline appeared to repeat the same line the Sun was so heavily criticised for; leading to a correction in the Times the following day.

Some people have confused the Times apology with the Sun, however, as demonstrated by this widely-shared tweet.

So, the Times has said its coverage of the Sun/Survation poll was misleading, but the Sun remains unmoved.

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