Hilarious fake 'One in Five Muslims' facts are showing just how ridiculous that Sun front page is

The Sun's front page story on Monday read: 'One in Five Brit Muslims' Sympathy for Jihadis'.

The poll behind this story has been widely discredited in the last 24 hours, but today in an editorial the paper doubled down on the story:

On the same day the Sun published the story, it was revealed that hate crimes against British Muslims have spiked 300 per cent since the Paris attacks by Isis that killed 130 earlier this month.

Ordinary Muslims everywhere have been called upon to denounce the Isis atrocities against innocent people in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, and even 'do more' in the fight against them.

Luckily, many people have been quick to point out how ridiculous these requests are by using humour:

And the response to the Sun's bogus 'One in five Muslims' statistic has been just as good.

'#1in5Muslims' has been trending across the world since the story was published. Some of the tweets seem... legit?

A lot point out truths universally acknowledged.

While some are very dark.

The more ridiculous, the better.

Eventually it all got a bit meta.

At the end of the day, let's just keep things in perspective, shall we?

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