Black actor Noel Clarke left off movie poster which featured all 6 white members of the cast

Black actor Noel Clarke left off movie poster which featured all 6 white members of the cast

A black British actor has sparked a discussion about representation in the industry after sharing a promotional film poster he was cut from – despite all his white co-stars being featured.

Noel Clarke is a BAFTA-winning actor, writer and director, who starred in Doctor Who and created the popular Kidulthood film trilogy.

His Sky One series Bulletproof, which he co-created and acts in, has just become the channel's biggest returning drama.

But Clarke says those achievements have not been enough to earn him respect as a black man in the entertainment industry.

His remarks were part of a wider discussion about racism in the UK and US.

“People on here acting like this is just a US problem. #Racism is prevalent here too,” Clarke wrote.

“Embedded in the fabric of society, the industry I'm in. Sometimes it's hard to keep fighting, when whenever you speak up, your silenced or, labelled as aggressive, difficult or 'Chippy'."

The actor then lasered in on problems with representation in his industry, revealing the struggle it took to get Bulletproof made.

“Just remember nobody wanted Bulletproof,” he tweeted.

“We were told #Bulletproof would never work or sell with two BLACK leads. NEVER. Look now".

Finishing up, Clarke uploaded a promotional poster for Fisherman’s Friends, a film he starred in last year.

Although the poster displayed Clarke’s name alongside his six co-stars, he is the only one whose image didn’t appear.

And the actor pointedly highlighted his omission, drawing two large arrows to space on the poster he could have occupied.

“I’ll just leave this here,” Clarke wrote in the accompanying caption.

“And not one of these other actors spoke up for me and the fact I was not on here, being as well known as most of them”.

Fans expressed shock underneath his tweet, as well as support for Clarke.

One Twitter user who met Clarke during the filming for Fisherman’s Friends said he was the “one person” he was excited to be photographed with.

Another asked if they could use the poster as an example when teaching students about representation in cinema, to which Clarke replied with a ‘thumbs up’ emoji.

Others began to draw parallels between Clarke’s treatment and that of other black actors.

Reportedly a sequel for the film is in the works.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the marketing meetings for round two..

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