The NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has been called a hypocrite after attempting to criticise Democrats and Liberals who "murder infants."

The famously outspoken Loesch appeared on Fox News to offer her support to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders who has recently been mocked for claiming that 'God wanted Donald Trump to become president.'

Whilst speaking to Fox and Friends she made reference to a recent abortion bill that if enacted would allow for abortions to happen all the way up until a moment before birth.

The controversial bill, which has already failed in the Virginia House, has reportedly been proposed by a Democratic sponsor but has already been contested by Democratic governor, Ralph Northam who feared the bill would actually lead to infanticide.

On the bill and the criticism of Sanders, Loesch said:

I find it difficult to take lectures on morality from individuals of a party who think it is perfectly permissible and moral to murder infants up until and even in some cases according to Governor Northam after birth.

So, those same individuals who have no public condemnation for what's happening here [abortion rights], I guess they own that now in their party. 

They want to mock Sarah Sanders for an aspect of her faith and if these individuals were familiar with their good book they would realise that God’sall-powerfull — permit me to Bible thump for a moment — God’s all powerful, doesn’t matter who you are, if he wants to use you, he will use you.

Although Loesch has every right to defend Sanders, people were quick to point out that the NRA has consistently opposed gun control laws and have actively tried to discredit school shooting survivors.

Footage of Loesch's statement has since made its way on to Twitter and people were quick to label her words as hypocritical and problematic.

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