It looks like NRA TV is trying to hijack the #MarchForOurLives hashtag

It looks like NRA TV is trying to hijack the #MarchForOurLives hashtag

It appears that the National Rifle Association is attempting to hijack the March For Our Lives protest that is taking place in Washington DC today.

The march is being attended by school students from around the United States who want to see politicians introduce stricter gun laws to the US following the massacre in Parkland, Florida last month.

Similar events and rallies will also take place in New York, Los Angeles and across the country, most of which have been organised by survivors of school shootings.

Although gun laws and the readiness of automatic firearms across the US are seen as a major problem for the rise in shootings, the NRA themselves have come under heavy criticism in recent weeks.

Whether it is students or parents speaking out against their pro-gun agenda or companies being pressured to relinquish their ties to the group, the NRA's tactics have been under the microscope a lot as of late.

However, as the march begins to take place, NRA TV have been sharing multiple videos on their Twitter channel which would present themselves as a thinly veiled support of the children, while blaming shootings on the FBI and other organisations.

Many of the videos feature gun enthusiasts such as Colion Noir and Kimberly Corban, while also including videos of one of the Parkland students, David Hogg, accusing him of 'White Privilege'.

Here are a selection of the videos, which they began sharing yesterday using the hashtag #MarchForOurLives - a hashtag created to represent those protesting for stricter gun laws.

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