People are sending the NRA sarcastic 'thoughts and prayers' amid rumours of financial difficulties


The National Rifle Association is finally getting a taste of its own medicine (no, they’re not getting shot, don’t worry).

Amid reports of the organisation’s financial struggles, people have been offering their “thoughts and prayers” – the common response of gun rights advocates following mass shootings. Apparently the NRA has removed free coffee and yanked water coolers at its Virginia headquarters due to cash flow issues.

The news follows Rolling Stone’s report that claimed that the NRA believes its financial situation is so dire it may soon “be unable to exist” – bet they wish they hadn’t spent so much money donating to politicians now.

NRA membership revenue reportedly fell by $35 million last year, leading the organisation to cut back on spending on the midterm elections.

Though, as you can imagine, Twitter users were not full of empathy for the gun group, sending them a flurry of faux-sympathetic tweets.

Do the NRA want some ice for that burn?

H/T: HuffPost

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