Obama wins Gallup's 'Most Admired Man', defeating Donald Trump by huge margin

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Gallup has been asking Americans who they most admire for more than half a century - and its results this year might get a certain someone a little irked.

Rather unsurprisingly, Barack Obama has just won first place for the ninth year in a row. A whopping 22 per cent name him as the person they admire most, compared to 15 per cent for Donald Trump.

In 28 out of 70 polls, the sitting president has won - so this year's results go against the trend.

And the results show polling from December 2016; it’s likely Trump’s would be even less popular if the vote was made now given his declining popularity.

Behind the two presidents at number three is Pope Francis, followed by Bernie Sanders. The Dalai Lama won sixth place, and in 19th place is Prince William.

Hillary Clinton won the top spot for most admired woman. This is the 21st time she’s held the spot. In fact, Obama and Clinton won the top spots every year since 2008.

Michelle Obama took second place, followed by Angela Merkel, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and Queen Elizabeth.

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