Obama appears to reenact Key and Peele sketch when greeting Team USA basketball squad

Obama appears to reenact Key and Peele sketch when greeting Team USA basketball squad
'Obama' greets people differently depending on skin colour in Comedy Central sketch

Former US president Barack Obama has unintentionally recreated an iconic Key and Peele sketch and the result is hilarious.

The former US president still holds a soft spot in the hearts of many, with one couple even inviting him to their wedding and getting a response, thanks to his down to earth demeanour.

Obama recently reconfirmed his charm and wit after his hilarious introduction to the United States men’s basketball team went viral online after reminding people of a particular sketch.

In their sketch show Key & Peele, the comedians acted out a bit in which Peele played Obama greeting other dignitaries, giving white members a courteous handshake while greeting the Black members with hugs and daps.

Obama’s real-life greeting of the basketball team quickly drew comparisons and descriptions of “life imitating art”, as he met with the likes of NBA players LeBron James and Steph Curry before they head off to compete in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.

“This might be the funniest example of life imitating art that I’ve ever seen,” one person said.

Someone else joked: “He had to pause a second to get a good look at [assistant coach Erik] Spoelstra before he could decide which way he goes lmaooo.”

Another pointed out: “He put his foot in that Lebron dap lmaoooo.”

The USA basketball team are the heavy favourites to win gold at the Paris Olympics, with NBA heavyweights like Kevin Durant and James on the team.

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