Elderly men escape nursing home to attend metal festival

Getty Images / Gina Wetzler / Stringer

Two elderly men snuck out of their nursing home to attend a heavy metal festival, according to reports.

The pair clearly had big weekend plans: Wacken Open Air, which takes place in the northern German town of Wacken, has been described as the "biggest heavy metal festival in the world".

The duo were located after the nursing home contacted police when they found them missing, according to NDR.

Picture:Picture: Wacken Open Air festival on 1 August 2018. 

The two men were found at around 3am in a state that police described as "disorientated and dazed".

Police spokesperson Merle Neufeld told broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundunk they were reluctant to leave the festival, but were escorted home by police:

They obviously liked the metal festival.

The care home quickly organised return transport after police picked them up.

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