Olivia Colman knows how to play a queen – from her Oscar-winning role as Queen Anne in The Favourite to her latest role as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown – and she’s learned a thing or two about it along the way.

On 15 November, Colman reprises her role as the UK’s reigning monarch in the fourth season of the hit-Netflix show The Crown, but this will be the last season for her in the role.

This is because Colman has been portraying the queen covering the years from 1964 to around 1989 and then Imelda Staunton will take over the reigns for the fifth and sixth seasons – portraying the role into the 21st century.

So what advice did Colman have for her successor?

Speaking at a recent press conference, she said:

If [Staunton] calls me, I'll be so excited. Then what would you say to Imelda Staunton?

Offering some strange advice, Colman added:

Good luck… the wig's itchy.

Claire Foy took on the role of Queen Elizabeth in the first and second seasons of The Crown, documenting her life from 1947 to mid 1960s.

The upcoming fourth season of The Crown is expected to explore Prince Charles meeting Lady Diana Spencer (played by Elizabeth Debicki), as well as the time of Margaret Thatcher (played by Gillian Anderson) being prime minister.

When first pictures of Anderson as Thatcher dropped last month, some fans of the actor were conflicted with her playing the staunch Tory PM.

Many said goodbye to their long-time crushes on the actor after seeing the photos:

The upcoming season is also expected to show the births of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Who else is excited?

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