On World Refugee Day, the chart that shows just how bad the global refugee crisis has become
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Refugee Week is upon us, and while events are set to take placed all around the UK to celebrate the endless contributions refugees have made to this country, the status of refugees around the world remains bleak.

New figures released by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) brings a few painful truths to light: that there are now more refugees than ever.

That's 71 million forcibly displaced people world wide – 37,000 people every single day - with 138,000 estimated to be children unaccompanied by adults with the report adding that the actual figure could be significantly higher.

Statista has put together an infographic which demonstrates just how huge these numbers are:

According to the data the amount of people newly displaced due to conflict or persecution has increased by around 13.6 million. Additionally, 67 per cent of refugees come from just five countries: Syrian Arab Republic, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar and Somalia, each ravaged by internal conflict.

For the fifth consecutive year Turkey hosts by far the largest number of refugees - standing at 3.7 million and growing, followed by Pakistan at 1.4 million. The UK on the other hand doesn't even break the top five.

The third largest recipient of refugees - and over 70 per cent of Syrian refugees - is Lebanon, and the country is struggling to cope with the demands of such an increase in population numbers.

By contrast it was also reported by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency in February that 2018 saw a drop in the amounts of illegal EU border crossings which would seem to have plummeted by more than 1.5 million since 2015 and additionally its lowest levels since 2013.

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