An owl was rescued after falling down a chimney in Southport only to return to the same place the following day.

An RSPCA animal rescuer released the tawny owl from the house on April 27 after it was found sleeping, having dropped down the chimney.

Ed Jones, 67, said: “I couldn’t believe it the first time – then the fact it came back the day after – I thought I might have to start charging it rent!

“He certainly made his presence known on both occasions as some of our ornaments were rearranged and he broke a 20-year-old vase which we had bought in Greece.

“We are really grateful to the RSPCA for helping. I was going to go and try to let him out of the room myself but my wife was worried that the bird could injure me.”

The owl returned to the house on April 28, where the couple found it sleeping in the same spot on the fireplace.

It was released into the garden, and Mr Jones plans to have work done to the chimney to prevent the owl from falling in again.

RSPCA inspector Lisa Lupson said: “When I arrived at the house the owl looked quite chilled and just sat there but I could see he had moved some ornaments and pictures on the wall and caused some damage.

“I was really shocked when I found out that my colleague Lauren had to attend the following day as the owl had returned.

“He must have really enjoyed his stay the first time round – and clearly had a hoot!”

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