Pakistani influencer under fire for using a lion as a party prop

Pakistani influencer under fire for using a lion as a party prop

An influencer in Pakistan has come under fire after footage emerged from a party she reportedly hosted where a lion can be seen chained up and being used as an entertainment prop.

In footage shared by Project Save Animals and Vice News, the lion can be seen lying on furniture at the party venue in Lahore with a chain around its neck. At one point during the compilation of clips shared on Instagram, an influencer named Susan Khan can be seen petting the lion.

The lion appears to be sedated with animal rescuer Syed Hassan tellingVice that the lion also looked to have been “declawed.”

A petition has since been launched by Hassan, the founder of Project Save Animals calling for an end to animals being used as party props. On the petition page Hassan writes: “With countless cubs and lions being mistreated in Pakistan, we cannot afford to showcase behaviour that seeks to normalize this atrocity.

“I deal with so many people who have a lot of complaints when it comes to adopting strays but we don’t bat an eye at this monstrosity?

“This needs to stop and it won’t until we stand up against this highly problematic behaviour and call those out who are responsible for it.”

Although renting out animals for private events is illegal in Pakistan, some people still choose to do so. Licenses and permits for exotic animals are said to be available for a small price. Many notable figures within Pakistan including politicians and celebrities have used lions and tigers for their own means.

Susan Khan, who has more than 135,000 followers combined on Instagram and TikTok shared the aforementioned footage of herself with the lion at the party on her Instagram Stories. She is yet to respond to the criticism.

indy100 has contacted Khan for comment.

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