Parkland shooting survivor gives blistering response to Marjorie Taylor Greene as video of her harassing him resurfaces

Parkland shooting survivor gives blistering response to Marjorie Taylor Greene as video of her harassing him resurfaces
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A recently unearthed video of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene shows her harassing gun control activist David Hogg just weeks after he survived the 2018 Parkland massacre.

Greene, known for her endorsement of conspiracy theories, accosted the young activist about her 'second amendment rights’ as she followed him down the street.

The video, which has been viewed more than 6 million times, resurfaced on Twitter after Fred Guttenberg –whose daughter was murdered in the shooting – shared the footage of the elected politician:

“Greene is this you harassing Hogg weeks after the Parkland shooting, that my daughter was killed in & he was in?” the caption read. “Calling him a coward for ignoring your insanity.”

Hogg himself responded to the clip, revealing on Wednesday evening that Greene is “just 1/10 of 1% of the harassment advocates for gun control have to deal with.”

The 20-year-old has been a vocal gun control activist since the 2018 shooting that killed 17 students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“You think we want to be doing this?” he added. “F*** no — I’d much rather be able to be a college student but I & others can’t & you know why?

“Bc corrupt politicians like you have made it so it’s on the survivors of Gun violence to end gun violence bc you can’t do your damn job,” he added.

The video shows Greene saying, in an outlandish and anti-Semitic manner, that Hogg “has got everything” he wanted due to “George Soros funding” and “major liberal funding,” claiming he was posing as a survivor because “he is paid to do this.”

People across social media came out in support of Hogg, shocked by the behaviour from an elected official.

“One of the most disgusting moments I’d seen after the horrific events of Parkland...How in God’s name did we let this woman into our government?!” one person commented in disbelief.

Others were just impressed by the activist’s calm during the encounter: “Your handling of this was impeccable. By not taking the bait, you allowed her to unleash her ignorance and stupidity undiluted, for all the world to see,” one person wrote.

Mass shootings and gun violence are an epidemic in the United States due to absurdly lax gun laws and, some would say, complete misinterpretation of Second Amendment rights to ‘bear arms’.

Hogg seemed pleased by one thing, however, after tweeting, “Let’s GOOO” to the news that Rep. Jimmy Gomez plans to introduce and resolution expelling Greene from Congress. 

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