Parrot steals reporter's earphone while he reports on robberies

Parrot steals reporter's earphone while he reports on robberies
Surprising moment a parrot steals reporter's earphone live on air

Something very meta happened when a journalist was robbed by a parrot while reporting on robberies.

Nicolas Krumm, a Chilean journalist for the Chilevision channel, was speaking about the rise in robberies in the local area when he became a victim of a robbery himself as a parrot appeared and took his earphone from him and made off with it.

First the parrot landed on his shoulder as he was talking and he flinched but continued his report.

Then the feathered criminal reached for the tip of the ear bud, grabbed it in its mouth and flew away.

The cameraman appeared and tried to catch the bird to get the earphone, but it flew away.

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Footage of the incident then circulated on social media, quickly becoming viral.

It ended up fine though. The reporter later said that the parrot dropped the device and he was able to get it back. Phew.

Still, being mugged by a bird is not an occupational hazard we would usually associate with journalism.

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