Mischievous parrot befriends an Alexa device and keeps ordering items from Amazon

Greg Evans
Saturday 15 December 2018 16:15
Picture:(National Animal Welfare Trust/GRANT HINDSLEY/AFP/Getty Images)

Amazon's voice-activated device Alexa probably seemed like a great idea on paper, but the inventors probably never anticipated some of the things that would happen with the robot.

From spreading conspiracy theories to emitting a bone-chilling laugh, the device has been causing a lot more stress than what it is worth.

On top of that, a parrot is now getting in on the action and causing even more mischief by using Alexa to order items from Amazon.

The African Grey parrot, named Rocco, lives with National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski, at her home in Blewbury, Oxfordshire. He was rehomed from the sanctuary because of his bad language.

Although she was kind enough to give him a new home, she probably didn't anticipate her shopping bills going up after Rocco figured out how to use Alexa to order a variety of things including fruit, veg, ice cream, light bulbs and a kite.

Homeless African grey parrot Rocco was caught ordering strawberries, watermelons and ice-cream off National Animal Welfare Trust worker Marion Wischnewski's Amazon Alexa device.(National Animal Welfare Trust)

African Grey parrots are well known for their ability to mimic speech so this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but it's proving a problem for Marion, who has to constantly check if he has ordered anything.

She is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying:

I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the items he's ordered.

His relationship with Alexa doesn't end there though, as they reportedly like to listen to music together.

In an interview with The Times, Marion added:

I’ve come home before and he has romantic music playing.

He loves to dance and has the sweetest personality.

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