Americans who voted for Trump and Americans who don't have a passport - in two maps

The 2016 presidential election has stirred a discourse of opposition. Rust belt vs coastal cities, working class vs 'metropolitan elite', white America vs diverse America.

This is mostly due to the perception that Donald Trump's support came from a core of energised white working and midlde class voters in rural areas with an anthem to 'Make America Great Again', to return to a vision of pre-globalisation rural America.

In contrast, Democrats have made the argument that small-town rhetoric, that fears over diversity and immigration harboured in areas that experience them least, should be challenged not as quaint, but backward.

You don't get anywhere talking down to people, but what if they genuinely haven't experienced much of the outside world?

A good metric to see if an American has seen much of the outside world is whether they have been issued with a passport.

Take a look at the similarity between a map of the 2016 election results:

Picture: Carto/indy100

And the amount of passports issued in 2016:

There seems to be a bit of an overlap.

It seems rural, Republican America is less likely to have experienced a country other than America.

Though as we should always remember, correlation does not always equal causation.

View the interactive map below to explore the data:

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