Hospital calls fire crews to free patient’s penis from metal ring

<p>Fire crews used specialist equipment to remove the metal ring from the patient’s penis</p>

Fire crews used specialist equipment to remove the metal ring from the patient’s penis

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Fire crews in Huddersfield got more than they bargained for when they were called out to help a male patient caught in an unfortunate bind.

Members of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were contacted by a doctor at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary asking them to help to cut a metal ring off the unnamed man’s penis.

Removing the stainless steel ring – and relieving the patient’s pain and embarrassment – required specialist cutting equipment.

Dr Stuart Oliver, a former Huddersfield GP gave his thoughts on the unusual incident, describing the dangerous consequences that could have occurred if the emergency services hadn’t intervened in time.

He told Yorkshire Live: ““I have no idea why this particular man would have done this but I can only assume that it was done to help maintain an erection.

“The problem is that the blood has gone into the penis and it needs to drain back and if it gets swollen up then that would prevent it from happening.

“It will have been incredibly painful and you would need to remove the ring as quickly as possible as there is a possibility that gangrene could start developing.

“It is a strange thing to do with a metal ring, rubber is more stretchable.”

The unfortunate incident occurred at Huddersfield Royal InfirmaryGoogle streetview

Following the incident, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said in a diplomatic statement: “West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service crews attended a hospital on Acre Street, Lindley, Huddersfield, yesterday [Thursday] afternoon to assist a patient.”

We can only hope the patient has learned his lesson, though he’s not the first person to make this mistake.

In 2019, firefighters in China had to use a bolt cutter to remove a steel ring from a man’s penis that had been stuck on there for three days.

After doctors at a hospital of Xinxiang failed to remove it themselves in surgery, they had no other choice but to called the local fire crews who were able to free the patient from the ring, the Daily Mail reported.

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