Conspiracy theorists get Paul Pelosi video - and still won't face reality

Judge rules Paul Pelosi hammer attack video should be released

Footage and audio from the October 2022 attack on Paul Pelosi were released to the public on Friday after news organizations pushed for it to become public.

And despite many conspiracy theorists pushing for the video to be released - there are still people online who are supposedly 'just asking questions' after being presented with proof that a clearly terrified Pelosi was attacked with a hammer.

Newly published body camera footage shows police approaching Pelosi’s California home after he called the police on an intruder, who was looking to harm Pelosi’s wife, Nancy Pelosi.

In the footage, a clearly anxious Pelosi, 82, opens the door for police to reveal himself - with David DePape, 42, standing calmly in the foyer with a hammer clutched by both of them.

As police asked them to drop the weapon, DePape wrestled it out of Pelosi’s hand, brought it high up above himself, then struck it down onto Pelosi’s head - although the impact was off-camera.

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The violent footage was released by a judge in San Francisco despite objections from both the prosecution and defense.

Misinformation about the attack on Pelosi ran rampant on social media after it occurred last year.

Several GOP congresspeople, as well as prominent right-winger commentators, heightened the misinformation by implying the attack was planned or claiming Pelosi had a sexual relationship with his attacker.

Elon Musk shared an article that implied Pelosi hired DePape as a male prostitute and then got into a drunken fight.

But despite the violent body camera footage of the attack and a clear video of the assailant breaking in through Pelosi’s back door, many are sticking to their theories that all is not what as it seems.

Warning graphic footage below.

Pelosi was sleeping when the attack occurred around 2:20 am - which explains the lack of pants.

Surveillance footage from Pelosi's home shows DePape spending time breaking in through a window with his hammer before entering - which puts paid to the lie spread that he had invited his attacker home.

When Pelosi awoke to DePape, the intruder demanded to see "Nancy" who was Speaker of the House at the time and not in California.

Pelosi managed to slip into the bathroom and call 911 around 2:20 am, in the phone call audio Pelosi can be heard telling police in a calm manner that "there's a gentleman here just waiting for my wife to come back, Nancy Pelosi."

The call seems to portray Pelosi nervously trying to express to San Francisco police that there is an intruder, without antagonizing DePape.

After the attack, Pelosi was taken to the hospital where he required surgery for a fractured skull and injuries to his right arm and hand.

Despite people pushing for evidence in the Pelosi attack, it seems to have only fueled more theories and jokes.

The trial is set to begin in February.

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