Queer woman of color behind ‘Peg The Patriarchy’ says Cara Delevingne didn’t credit her

Queer woman of color behind ‘Peg The Patriarchy’ says Cara Delevingne didn’t credit her

When sex and pleasure educator Luna Matatas woke up on Tuesday to her brand name trending across social media, she was ecstatic.

That was until she discovered that the hashtags weren’t paying homage to her small business - and instead directed at Cara Delevingne’s Dior ensemble at this year’s Met Gala.

In 2015, the small business owner coined Peg the Patriarchy and started selling clothes and accessories with the bold statement to subvert the selling of the patriarchal system.

“Patriarchy has no gender, working to dismantle it benefits us all,’”her website reads.

“Being a small business, being queer-owned, being in a fat body, being in a racialized body — these are all things that already create barriers for me in doing what I’m already amazing at”, Luna told Insider.

“And to have a white, thin, cis body kind of taking a message and representing it in a way without credit to an artist, it says a lot about what the problem is.”

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While raising awareness of the message itself is a progressive move for society, Delevingne and her team “pulling it off as their own” can impact Luna’s business in more ways than one. Not only will Luna have to put in extra work to ensure Peg the Patriarchy ranks again in Google searches, but she also faces potential threats of copycat designs.

“It has impact in ways that are great for raising the visibility of the message, but because it’s not anchored in the awareness that I was trying to bring through the message, it doesn’t serve me in the same way”, Luna told the news outlet.

Luna has reached out to the model and Lora DiCarlo but is yet to receive a response. She doesn’t plan on taking legal action, especially after saying she wouldn’t be able to afford to.

Since the incident, Luna has been inundated with love and support from across the globe.

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