People are sharing the reasons why they 'broke up' with friends - and they're brutal


Friendships, like any other relationship, can be prone to strain and struggle, and sometimes they break completely.

It might be because you and your bestie have grown up and apart, it might be that one moved away, or your break up could be the result of a blazing row.

People on the r/AskReddit thread shared the reasons they stopped talking to friends, and some were explosive.

Others weren't pretty.

Here are a few:

1. They were addicted to drugs.

I tried to help her with her addiction to drugs and she cut me off. It’s been six years since I talked to her and I just found out she died. I have known her since I was sixteen and I am fifty four now. It was very hard to see how she changed from a sweet girl to a completely different person.


2. They never paid back the money they borrowed.

He "borrowed" my $600 guitar amp for a show and never gave it back. We were friends since the 3rd grade.


3. The 'fade'.

Just kind of faded out. We had different friend groups as adults, and as time went on the once a week dinner turned into once a year. Once a year turned into not even talking at all.


4. 'I got ill and they didn't care'.

I got ill, regular doctors appointments and didn't have the energy to do lots of activities. They just stopped talking to me and blanked me when they saw me.



5. The friendship was made up of bullying.

After several years just realised I always felt awful about myself after leaving his and his family’s presence. Our mutual friends had a saying “it’s not a trip to XXXX’s house until you get criticised. From the clothes you were wearing, to how dirty your car is, just a barrage of shit.

The final straw was when I was dating my now wife, we went to go hang out at his house, and he immediately pounces on my appearance (was wearing a hardhat all day do my hair looked a little funky), then handed me a bag of aluminium cans for me to recycle “and put towards my house fund” (was in deep saving mode). Fortunately my wife was a good sport, but realising what the hell this guy was trying to accomplish... embarrassing me in front of someone I’m interested in for no reason at all? Walked out after that and never looked back. Cut out completely.


6. She got really superficial.

She changed completely our senior year of high school. We were the exact same person, loved the same things, got along like sisters. Then she started prepping for her freshman year of college at a southern school, and completely overhauled her life to look "perfect" for the sororities. She started partying, only hanging out with the "cool kids", refusing to let me tag her in photos, and just became really focused on her appearance (not just physical, but how her whole life appeared to an outsider). It's like she lived her life as an Instagram model. Everything had to look perfectly perfect. We just faded out and stopped talking because I didn't fit her new life.


7. She kept spreading lies behind my back.

She couldn't stop smack talking me to everyone. She had incredibly low self-esteem and when I met her, so did I. But each step I took towards being more confident in herself, she saw as a threat.

I started working out and losing weight? She told everyone that I was trying to look better than her; eventually that turned into "she stopped going to the gym and just did coke to stay thin". Nope, never done hard drugs in my life and I was attending double sessions at the gym.

I started seeing this guy who was really sweet and nice to me; she said I was just seeing him to show her what a jerk her boyfriend was.


8. He was an emotional abuser.

Knowing that he emotionally abuses the absolute hell out of every girl he dates.


9. They stopped putting in the effort. 

They stopped putting in the effort to hangout. I was always the one trying to get together and they would blow me off almost every time. Finally, I stopped trying and now we don’t talk at all!


10. They died.

He died. Him and his wife were in a motorcycle accident and neither of them made it. My son had been born recently and I kept putting off introducing him to them because "We'll go tomorrow." They never got to meet him, my son will never meet my best friend and I regret my laziness so much.


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