People are taking down Twitter over its suspension policy

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Earlier this week actress Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter for a series of tweets about Harvey Weinstein.

The 44-year-old actor has spoken out about her experiences with the Hollywood movie producer, who has been accused of a plethora of sexual assaults against women.

McGowan is one of the most vocal people to have spoken out against Weinstein on Twitter.

But her posts, which reportedly included a private phone number, were deemed to have violated the website rules.

The tweets were swiftly deleted and McGowan was blocked from the website for 12 hours.

She then shared the email she received from Twitter on her Instagram account.

This move from Twitter was greeted with a lot of confusion and anger. They attempted to explain their actions on Thursday.

This explanation from Twitter hasn't exactly gone down well and has been widely criticised by many celebrities who use the platform, pointing out the hypocrisy of Twitter, with others calling for a boycott.

This has since led to a multitude of people asking why McGowan was suspended, when, for instance, trolls abuse people every day and get away scot-free.

Even Donald Trump supporters have taken issue with the move.

Although this particular instance doesn't paint Twitter in a good light it should be pointed out that they have banned users in the past for other major offences.

Last year, alt-right member and professional troll Milo Yiannopoulous was permanently banned from the site after encouraging his followers to abuse the actress Leslie Jones.

Rapper Azelia Banks was also banned in 2016 after she directed a series of racial slurs at singer Zayn Malik.

indy100 has contacted Twitter for comment.

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