People think this is the worst T-shirt ever made - and it's really not hard to see why

Louis Dor
Thursday 01 September 2016 15:20

A tweeted image of a t-shirt has gone viral, as people have objected to what they deem an inane and offensive garment.

The image, tweeted by user @BindzBrain has been retweeted over 6,000 times and subject of numerous articles.

The t-shart t-shirt features the initials LGBT, repurposed.

How drole and subversive.

Twitter was largely horrified:

The logo appears to be from a clothing website called Tactically Offensive and sits among other erudite slogans, such as "MILFs DEMAND ACTION" and "F--- HILLARY".

The clothing company's tagline on the website, run by American right-wing blogger for Infowars, Joe Biggs, reads:

Our American-Made Products Proudly Attack Safe Spaces, Trigger Social Justice Warriors, Defend Manliness From Skinny Jeans, and Are Guaranteed to P--- Off EVERYONE You Meet.

Given the content of Infowars' Alex Jones' past rants, it wouldn't be surprising if the clothes site genuinely believes in profiting by creating division.

Or maybe they just realise that there's a lucrative market to be found among stupid people who consider offensive behaviour a substitute for a personality.

Either way, it's savvy moneymaking in this climate.

indy100 has contacted Biggs for comment.

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