The creepy cat in Pet Sematary is about the only thing viewers of the new Steven King novel adaptation seem to be united on.

The horror flick, which is currently in cinemas, is getting mixed reviews from critics; some love the adaptation, whilst others think it is derivative.

The cat however, they love.

Such is the hype over Church (who is actually played by a number of cats, principally one called Leo, and one called Tonic) that it is all Twitter has been talking about.

One user, called Katie Rife, mused:

Re: PET SEMATARY: I just keep thinking about whose job it was on set every day to dirty up the cat. Like, “oh, yeah, I have to go in early tomorrow, I have to rub some Vaseline and coffee grounds on this cat”

Ok A) That is an awesome job. And B) WHO GETS TO DO IT?

Now, it's all that Twitter is talking about

There are so many questions

Others are praising Hollywood for its dedication to feline representation

The official Pet Sematary Twitter account thanked them for their words with a cat gif. Of course.

Another user discovered that multiple cats in fact played Church, and they even their own imdb credits

To conclude, here's a bunch of beautiful kitties whose owners couldn't help but brag about

(we're not complaining)

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