How London's ultra-low emission zone charges will affect you


Climate change and air pollution are big issues, particularly for those who live in large urban areas.

Thankfully, for those living in London, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has just come into force.

This means that older vehicles which pollute the air more will be charged to enter the congestion zone area at any time. Transport for London hopes that this will encourage people to travel using public transport and reduce the pollution caused by cars.

London mayor Sadiq Khan described the issue of toxic air as as “important”, but business leaders are wary about the extra charges.

How much will it cost?

Most vehicles which are not compliant will have to pay £12.50 for entering the ULEZ each day, in addition to the congestion charge.

How do you know if this will affect you?

You can check if your car qualifies for extra charges using TfL's online checker.

However, as a guide it is worth noting the following vehicles that will be affected:

  • Any Motorbikes (pre-2007) that do not meet Euro 3 standards 
  • Petrol cars and vans (pre-2006) that do not meet Euro 4 standards
  • Diesel cars and vans (pre-2015) that do not meet Euro 6 standards
  • Buses, coaches and lorries will now need to meet or exceed the Euro 6 standards or pay £100 a day

Which areas are affected?

The ULEZ is currently only set to cover central London, but in 2021 it will be expanded to cover the entire area between the North and South Circular roads in 2021.

Why is this important?

Incredibly, TfL estimates the initial scheme will lead to a reduction in toxic emissions from road transport by about 45 per cent in two years.

Given that a new study revealed that air pollution hospitalises thousands of Londoners each year, the move is clearly necessary.


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