Peta mocked as animal rights organisation uses dinosaurs to make bizarre argument

Peta mocked as animal rights organisation uses dinosaurs to make bizarre argument

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The animal rights organisation Peta has said and done some pretty wild things over the past few years, from the myth that dairy is linked to autism (as if autism is somehow a bad thing, when it very much isn’t), to claiming the word ‘pet’ is harmful and barbecuing a ‘baby’ in a bid to get people to eat less meat.

Yet at the same time, they appeared to take no issue with Kylie Jenner’s fake lion head which she sported at this year’s Paris Fashion Week – even going as far as to praise the piece as “fabulously innovative” in a comment to indy100.

Now, in their latest outlandish post on Twitter to encourage people to stop eating animals, Peta has argued individuals should “think twice before ordering that chicken sandwich” because “T rexes wouldn’t approve of you eating their descendants”.

Yes, really.

The tweet from Thursday - shared to mark 'Dinosaur Day' - also attached a report from New Scientist confirming the ancestral link between the dinosaur species and chickens, as well as a basic graphic which reads: “If you wouldn’t eat a T rex, don’t eat a chicken.”

Peta, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has long been against what it calls speciesism – that is, “the belief that the differences between humans and other animals justify torturing, killing and eating them or exploiting them in other ways”.

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Well, it seems they have a long way to go to persuade people to go vegan, as Twitter users soon ridiculed Peta’s decision to use dinosaurs to make them ditch meat, and said they’d be more than down to eat T rex if that was an option today:

While we’re thankful T rexes are very much extinct, we can’t help but wonder how you’d even manage to get your hands on its meat – given they were carnivores.

Then again, we’d probably eat the meat ‘roar’ (sorry)…

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